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プラスサイズS - XXL秋と冬の毛純粋なカシミアセーターカーディガンプルオーバープルロングスリーブWom

プラスサイズS - XXL秋と冬の毛純粋なカシミアセーターカーディガンプルオーバープルロングスリーブWom

平均配送日数7~14 営業日
商品説明Women Leggings Fashion Fitness Calzas Leggins Sports Slim Plus Size
Notice :
Color Black Color Gray is a littler small and short
if you are not very thin , please choose the bigger size ,thanks

But Color Black&Gray is okay

*100% Brand New
*Color:black, gray
*It is a fashion ,sexy for women ,you can wear it in winter ,autumn ,it is warm
*It is a perfect gift for women ,girl.

1. Please consider the sizing differences between Asian and European sizes before you order.
Also keep in mind that the computer screen may alter the size shown.
2. Please allow a little color variation in your item because of differences computer
settings and photo quality.
3. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us, we will try our best to
solve any problems you might have.

Package included:1pc legging
Welcome to our store ,we will ship out all order within 3 days,and it will take 4-7days send to your home,thank you

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family photographs reproduced to high quality large scale format

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